Case Study


Vancouver | Healthcare | 2022

Project Type

Total Area
1,550 sqft


1635 Main St, Vancouver

Construction Management

"I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Whitney and her team on two projects now, and I wanted to share how happy we were with the experience each time. In every aspect, they outperformed our previous contractors. The main highlights that my colleagues and I noticed were the fairness in price, the constant communication between us and her team, and the timeliness of the entire project. The only delays we encountered were due to unforeseeable circumstances, but they delivered precisely as promised. Furthermore, we were blown away by the quality of the work. I've engaged Ark and Mason for two Physiolab clinics already, and plan to continue to use them in the future as well!"
Jackson Lam
Physiolab Co-founder

Like many construction projects happening in Vancouver, delays in the timeline are common due to increased material costs and lack of availability/reliability of trades.  The largest obstacle when managing this project was sticking to the tight timeline of 10 weeks to complete the project, not to mention the 10 weeks overlapping the Christmas holidays, where a lot of engineers, city workers and trades would be on holidays.

This project required extensive planning and frequent site visits to ensure we were able to complete the project with the given timeline.  With our experience and relationship with the trades, we were able to delegate the right trades that could provide quality work and still fall within the given timelines.
Additionally, communications and transparency amongst our client, engineer, inspectors and trades helped in the process as there are many moving parts such as sign offs and precise organization/scheduling of the trades to ensure the construction ran smoothly from beginning to end.  Our team was extremely happy with the overall look and being able to deliver this project within the given timeline.

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