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Visualizing your Business with 3D Renderings

When doing tenant improvement projects for your business, it is difficult knowing exactly what you want your business to look like especially with the nuances of design. How do colours blend together? How would a wall knocked down affect the overall look of the space? Without a visual representation, this process can feel daunting and often times clients are “surprised” with the final outcome. We’ve been there before and we know sometimes the surprise is pleasant, and sometimes it is not…

3d rendering floor 1

3D Rendering of Tech Office Space

At Ark + Mason we want our clients to know exactly what their space will look like before construction begins so you are not left with any surprises.  Providing different 3D Renderings as part of our design process, helps our client figure out exactly what they want and gives them options to figure out what works best for their vision of their business.

Here is a recent project that helped our client determine what direction they wanted to go in with the tenant improvement project:

3d rendering floor 2

Dental Office

3d rendering floor 3


3D renderings have also been a very powerful tool for clients to market and advertise their space even before construction is finished. Creating stunning visuals for promotional materials, websites, and advertisements has been a great tool to get the word out about the space. Eye-catching images can attract more customers and effectively convey the benefits and features of the space.

3d rendering floor 2

Light Theme Office

Our 3D rendering has actually helped our clients save costs.  The 3D renderings have helped identify potential design flaws or issues even before construction begins. The ability to detect early flaws have helped our clients safe significant amounts of money that would otherwise be spent on costly modifications or corrections during or after the building process.

It is standard practice at Ark + Mason to include 3d Renderings for our Commercial Interior Design and Tenant Improvement projects, if you are interested in knowing what your business can potentially look like, we’d love to sit down with you and help your business become a reality.


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